shifter rod

Hand and foot shifter rod Knucklehead Panhead Shovelhead 36-84. OEM and replica shifter rods. Rod ends. Rod Kits. for jocky top. Rachet top and rotary top transmissions.

  • ends

    ends (34)

    Shifter rod ends Knucklehead Panhead Shovelhead 36-84.  Oem replacment Shifter rod ends for hand and foot shifters. Stud and bushing kits. clevis ends. ball ends. swivel ends.
  • rod kits

    rod kits (7)

    Foot shifter rod kits Panhead Shovelhead 52-84. replica. Oem replacment and Extended foot shifter rod kits. Chrome and zink plated styles.
  • rods

    rods (19)

    Shifter rods Knucklehead Panhead Shovelhead 36-84. Hand and foot shifter rods. Oem and custom extended lenght shifter rods. police style shfter rods. Chrome and ball milled.