Front fork sliders Panhead Shovelhead 48-84. Boots. Braces. Covers, Lower Legs. fork Seals.  35  41  49mm Assemblies.

  • 35mm assemblies

    35mm assemblies (1)

    Fork slider 35mm assemblies Shovelhead 77-83. 35mm fork slider assemblies. FX 1977-1983. Chrome.
  • 41mm assemblies

    41mm assemblies (20)

    Fork slider assemblies 41mm Panhead Shovelhead 48-84. 41mm fork slider assemblies for drum and disc brakes. mega slider assemblies. Chrome and polished lower legs. over stock lengths.
  • boots

    boots (10)

    Front fork slider boots Panhead Shovelhead 48-84. Front fork slider boots. 35 and 41mm rubber fork boots and boot covers.
  • braces

    braces (6)

    Front fork braces Panhead Shovelhead 48-84. front fork braces tomahawk and tweak bar style braces for 35 and 41mm forks.
  • covers

    covers (18)

    Front fork slider covers Panhead Shovelhead 48-84. Front fork slider covers in various styles lenghts and finishes. Black. Chrome. Stainless steel.
  • lower leg

    lower leg (11)

    Front fork lower leg Panhead Shovelhead 48-84. Front fork lower legs sets. Bushings. fender mount tabs. Axle caps and drain plugs.
  • seals

    seals (45)

    Front fork slider seals Panhead Shovelhead 48-84. Front fork slider seals for 35 and 41mm fork legs. Seal kits. Gasket kits. Retainer rings. Rebuild kits.