gas tanks

Gas tanks Knucklehead Panhead Shovelhead 36-84. steel gas tanks. Custom 1 Piece. Mount Kits. Stock 1 Piece. 2 Piece Fatbob.

  • 2 piece tanks

    2 piece tanks (45)

    2 piece gas tanks Knucklehead Panhead Shovelhead 36-84. Fat bob 2 piece gas tanks. Oem replacment and replicas. Flatside tanks. With and without shifter gate mount or fuel shutoff rod. Right and left side petcock locations. Tanks using fuel shutoff rod will require the use of fuel shut off rod alignment tool. VT No: 16-0182 or VT No: 16-0615  Fuel shut off rod alignment instructions
  • custom 1 piece tanks

    custom 1 piece tanks (33)

    Custom 1 piece tanks. Chopper tanks. Peanut style. axed. stretched. Swedish style. sportster style. Captain America. right and left side petcock and filler options.
  • mount kits

    mount kits (28)

    Gas tank mount kits Knucklehead Panhead Shovelhead 36-84. Frame saver mount kits for flatside and early style tanks. FX style kits. Mount tab kits. Shift gate kits. FX spring clips. Hardware kits.
  • stock 1 piece tanks

    stock 1 piece tanks (4)

    Stock 1 piece gas tanks Shovelhead FLT and custom.  I piece FLT style gas tanks with bung style caps. Gas tank kit  includes  cast dash. dash base. key switch  gas caps and mounting hardware. A 2240:1 ratio speedometer and cable come with the kit.