turn signal

Turn signal Knucklehead Panhead Shovelhead 36-84. Turn signal Assemblies  Cancelers  Equalizers  Flashers. signal Kits, Mounts. Visors.

  • assemblies

    assemblies (18)

    Turn signal assemblies Knucklehead Panhead Shovelhead 36-84.  OEM and custom turn signal assemblies. Front and rear. Replica guide sets.
  • cancelers

    cancelers (1)

    Turn signal canceler Knucklehead Panhead Shovelhead 36-84. Turn signal canceler Fits: Custom application for models without self cancelling module.
  • equalizers

    equalizers (6)

    Turn signal equalizers Knucklehead Panhead Shovelhead 36-84.  load equalizer for LED turn signals. Convert single function light to dual function. Allows turn signals to be used for running and brake lights without losing their turn signal function.
  • flashers

    flashers (10)

    Turn signal flashers panhead Shovelhead 65-84.  Replica Hazard and turn signal flashers for 12 volt systems. rectangular round and pin flashers.
  • kits

    kits (48)

    Turn signal kits Knucklehead Panhead Shovelhead 36-84. Custom and OEM turn signal kits. Relocation kits. Cyron signal inserts sets.
  • mounts

    mounts (39)

    Turn signal mounts Knucklehead Panhead Shovelhead 36-84. Turn signal mount kits OEM and relocation kits. rear signal mount bars. stantions clamps. support brackets.
  • visors

    visors (2)

    Turn signal visors Panhead Shovelhead 63-84. OEM No: 67786-86T Chrome light visor set. Sold in a quantity of 2. Fits: FL 1963-1984